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The Ninja Road – Mark of the ninja

In the Past month I’ve been playing a PC game called “Mark of the ninja” by Klei Entertainment. The game is published by Microsoft Studios and was released for the Xbox 360 in September 2012 and for the PC in October 2012.

I really love what the artists at Klei Entertainment Did here. This Stealth Action 2D Platformer is one of the best I played in a long time, But I do have some problems with the scoring mechanics of the game (which I’ll explain in a moment).

In the game , you play the tattooed marked ninja that go on a quest to revenge the attack on your clan. the story develops (No spoilers here today!) with some great cut-scenes of hand drawn animation and really terrific style. The levels are divided to light and dark areas and the player advance through the levels buy staying out of sight of guards and dogs and silent kills the ones that get in his way.

The problem I mentioned before was in the scoring mechanism of the game. the game gives you more points when you kill an enemy then to pass him undetected. and it bothers me because one of the perks of being a ninja is to slip through undetected. you can get upgrades and new killing techniques that give even more points if you use them but the stealth option stay the same. obviously they are several solutions for one scene in order to advance – you can go undetected the entire level or start a killing spree but this really bothered me and eventually I find myself killing as many guards as i can to get the highest score I can get. I heard a rumor that they will change it so the stealth way will be more profitable but I didn’t find anything on that in the net.

regardless to the last Paragraph. this game is AWESOME and highly recommended. it takes the stealth games genre to a new and better place. the animation is all hand drawn and so well done it makes me drool…

to end this post, here are some concept art of the game, and the original piece which they pitched to Microsoft. all materials are property of Klei Entertainment

The original Pitch:

An early W.I.P of the game:

Some concept art:

2345656-ninja_evolution 2345692-light_system_concept 2345694-secondary_char_evolution 2345711-final_pose_sheet 2345712-ninja_concept

2345714-ninja_concept3_poses 2345715-ninja_concept3 2345721-screen_shot_2012_10_16_at_3.06.27_pm

Animated GIF of the animation process:


This game available in Steam – if you havent played it yet – you should.

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Source: (GiantBomb)