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Noah Bradley’s Art Camp – Week 1

This week was all about Master studies.

The task was to make 50 three color value studies, 50 color studies and 3 full master studies. this is a lot!

and of course I had a super busy week, so I didn’t got to the goal of 103 drawings. but in my opinion, it doesn’t matter. I still learned a lot and felt that I do improve from every thumbnail I did.

here are some of the studies I did this week:

Master study02

Master study03

Master study04

Color Study01

Color Study02

I’m definitely will continue to do this – and I cant wait for week 2!

Till next time


A really incredible Teenage mutant ninja turtles concept art!

this collection of concept art is really amazing! The artist Dave Rapoza has made some wonderful series of concept art

check the rest of the gallery here:


or you can visit Dave Rapoza blog here (you should!):


He’s got some nice stuff going on there.

Till next time,


Painted back – A new blog by Avi Katz

My good friend and mentor Avi Katz started a new blog with his recent works.

he takes old black and white photos and revive them by adding color – make them alive just like if the photos were taken today.

And he is doing superb job at it. His work is wonderful and you should definitely watch after his blog.

here are some examples from his recent work:

go check them here:


Till next time,