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Unfortunate hold on my art camp

I haven’t updated for a while now and I’m sorry about that.

I got really busy with my work and at home, and I had to postpone my art camp studies. I’m still going to get back to it, the camp is online again in the winter so I’ll try to continue my work then.

In the meantime I will update with new work and some new links soon. I also have some new stuff from work coming up so stay tuned.


Noah Bradley’s Art Camp – Week 3

Nothing fancy this week, Finished my master study, made some short still life and did some imaginary sketches. here is this week fruits:

Mary Blair master study (click for higher quality):


Original piece here

here some quick still life I did with stuff I have on my table. each one was around 30-40 min.


And I missed the perspective on this one by a lot:


Hope next week I’ll have more, and good ones for a change 🙂


Noah Bradley Art Camp

Just a quick update:

I signed up for an online art camp! it’s 12 week online course by Noah Bradley (if you don’t know this guy, you should!)

so I’m really excited about this one, the point of this “art camp” is to improve myself as an artist, and the price is ridiculously cheap! (250$ for 12 lessons)

and I’ll try to upload here the assignments. so stay tuned!