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Tangled ever after – a new short by disney (the full short animation)

watch it here:


according to IMDB, it supposed to be in theaters as a short that comes before “Beauty and the beast 3d”

anyway, if you liked Tangled, you’ll sure enjoy this.


19.4.12 UPDATE: The link is no longer available.

Go watch it in theaters before “Beauty and the beast 3d” coming out soon.

here is a 40 sec clip released by disney:



Animation workflow tutorial by Kevin Jackson

I found this on the “Anim-Dailies” group in Facebook. Its a nice blocking technique used by animator Kevin Johnson.

He is basing his technique on some tools from MGTools which I didn’t know exist and now I want them as well ๐Ÿ™‚ . The Anim recorder tool is especially handy and cool.

His approach is super fast and in 10 min he is blocking something that will probably take a few hours at least if done in a more “traditional” way (although all his poses was saved at front but still!) .

here it is:

And here is part 2 of hisย  blocking tutorial which he use other tools like the anim-library (again from the MGtools). the facial expressions he made here are just pure gold.

Hope you like it. Till next time,


Brand new Loony Toons in 3D!

check it out – use your 3d glasses

(and if you dont have any – just turn off the 3d feature and enjoy the beautiful looney toons short )

Till next time,


MutantLand – an awesome original short

this one is really good:

its an original short animation created and directed by Phil Tippett – Founder of Tippett Studio.

very creative, very intense and the execution is excellent.

u can read more about it here:


until next time,


Electroshock – student short

This one is a student film made by 5 student from ESMA in France. released few months ago.

In my personal opinion – The designs and story are not so original – we’ve all seen all of it before (cloudy with chance of meatballs?).

but the execution of that is beautiful done. the animation is good, it is a funny short with good storytelling and made meย  laugh few times, which I think personally is the most important thing.

My Character animation showreel 2011

Hi guys!

This is the same showreel I had in the past few months – just rearranged it a bit.

this one is shorter and better ๐Ÿ™‚

feel free to share it.