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MutantLand – an awesome original short

this one is really good:

its an original short animation created and directed by Phil Tippett – Founder of Tippett Studio.

very creative, very intense and the execution is excellent.

u can read more about it here:


until next time,


Electroshock – student short

This one is a student film made by 5 student from ESMA in France. released few months ago.

In my personal opinion – The designs and story are not so original – we’ve all seen all of it before (cloudy with chance of meatballs?).

but the execution of that is beautiful done. the animation is good, it is a funny short with good storytelling and made me  laugh few times, which I think personally is the most important thing.

My Character animation showreel 2011

Hi guys!

This is the same showreel I had in the past few months – just rearranged it a bit.

this one is shorter and better 🙂

feel free to share it.