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CodeCombat – Learn how to write a code with style

I have no idea how to write a code. But if I’ll learn someday how, it’s because of this great site that teaches you to program in JavaScript by playing a game.


Go check it out here:

And there blog:


Til next time,


Animation workflow tutorial by Kevin Jackson

I found this on the “Anim-Dailies” group in Facebook. Its a nice blocking technique used by animator Kevin Johnson.

He is basing his technique on some tools from MGTools which I didn’t know exist and now I want them as well 🙂 . The Anim recorder tool is especially handy and cool.

His approach is super fast and in 10 min he is blocking something that will probably take a few hours at least if done in a more “traditional” way (although all his poses was saved at front but still!) .

here it is:

And here is part 2 of his  blocking tutorial which he use other tools like the anim-library (again from the MGtools). the facial expressions he made here are just pure gold.

Hope you like it. Till next time,