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Children’s book illustration

I would love to share with you an illustration I did for a children’s book.

It was my 1st time doing book illustrations and it was a lot of fun.





Random boy 1


Double Fish

Based on a sketch I did a while back.

Also it was my 1st attempt to draw saliva – and it was a lot of fun.



Noah Bradley’s Art Camp – Week 1

This week was all about Master studies.

The task was to make 50 three color value studies, 50 color studies and 3 full master studies. this is a lot!

and of course I had a super busy week, so I didn’t got to the goal of 103 drawings. but in my opinion, it doesn’t matter. I still learned a lot and felt that I do improve from every thumbnail I did.

here are some of the studies I did this week:

Master study02

Master study03

Master study04

Color Study01

Color Study02

I’m definitely will continue to do this – and I cant wait for week 2!

Till next time


The newest Gadget from Wacom

This looks amazing, I’m defiantly want to try it.

I still have a lot of questions about it, so I will wait for a professional review of this product.


Doodle me this, Doodle me that…

I hate feet…

Some of my feet drawing from my sketchbook. drawn during my sessions with Avi Blyer