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New Animation reel and website

I’m proud to share with you my new character animation reel and my new website.


And my new website is here:


Hope you like it and thanks for watching!




11 Seconds club late entry – April 2014

I had every intent of meeting the April deadline of the 11secondsclub competition, but then a paying project came in. So now it’s finished.



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The 12 principles of animation – simply explained

This is really nice work. Simple and elegant, created by Cento lodigiani

Animation exercise

It’s been a while since I did some random animation. here it is. hope you like it 🙂



Little freak short movie

This is incredible short by Edwin Schaap. I love it!

So many emotions!, he did a great job delivering emotions to the audience.

I really like the animation job on that boy face.

You can watch the making of here:

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Harlem shake – Cloudy Style

This is too funny not to share:

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The Green Box Protest

I don’t really have to say anything that haven’t been blogged, tweeted and shared.

So I will just do this:


I hope we, the VFX and animation industry,  can make things change in the future, so we will have a better one.

don’t stop protesting!



if you read this and you don’t know what this post is about – go to the links below:

When Kong fu panda met World of Warcraft

This is a must watch!




Repunzel Progression shot

This is an animation treat! – a progression  shot from the movie Tangled – animated by Jamaal Bradley

you can also go and check Jamaal’s blog here:


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Dishonored – An amazing game trailer

This trailer is amazing. the lighting as really impressive here. you should watch it few times to see all the little details.

(Little warning: Explicit Violence here)