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Marval alternative Intro

They should really use it as the new Intro for their next movies.

Created as a homage to Marvel Comics by BLACKMEAL

(source: CartoonBrew)

New Mickey mouse short

Disney is finally decided to bring back the famous mouse back to life in a series of 19 episodes.

The team joined forces with  Emmy® Award-winning artist and director Paul Rudish (Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls) to give the old mouse a fresh new look.

The shorts will be available on Disney Channel, beginning June 28.
Watch here the 1st sneak preview

“Croissant de Triomphe” :

(I hope the link won’t go dark)

I personally, LOVE the outcome of it. can’t wait to see more of it




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Mominis –> Playscape


Well, I was so into the new job and the tasks I had – I forget to write about a major change that happened here a month ago!

Our company has decided to re-brand itself and get a fresh new look. it also come with a new name, new logo and new coolness!

From now on we are no longer mominis, but PLAYSCAPE!

Playscape was the name for the publisher channel of mominis, through it you could access all the games that was developed in the studio, including achievements, missions, etc.

from now on – the two names becomes one.

I really like the new logo, it’s really much better and gives the stuff we do here much more context.

It also Reflects much better with our title as a top developer in the Google market.

here is the official new site:

and the facebook:

you can read on the re-brand here:


the 1st game for android that i’ve been working on all these months will be out there in a few weeks (I hope) and I will upload to my blog some process and behind the scenes. so stay tuned!

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Harlem shake – Cloudy Style

This is too funny not to share:

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The Green Box Protest

I don’t really have to say anything that haven’t been blogged, tweeted and shared.

So I will just do this:


I hope we, the VFX and animation industry,  can make things change in the future, so we will have a better one.

don’t stop protesting!



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