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The chicken who felt like a dove

We really do need peace in this area:


This was my 1st assignment here at mominis.

New Job!

Well, after almost 5 years as a Character animator in “Snowball Studious” (wow, time do flies…) , I decided I needed new challenges. So I decided to leave this chapter in my life, and move forward. I had great time there, I learned so much from all the people, I feel so lucky that I had the opportinty to work there fresh from university.

So thank you all the people at “Snowball”. Our path will will probably cross again in the future.

I started this week my new job: I am now a Illustrator/Animator at Mominis. I will make the entire graphic packages for some of the android games the company will make. This includes character design, Backgrounds, GUI and animation. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

So for conclusion:

Goodbye Snowball Studious, Hello  Mominis.

Dumb ways to die

This is just too cute not to share:

you can check their website here:

and here the GIF animations:


I really wish I had more time to post more regularly, I’ll do my best in the coming weeks

Till next time,