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Dishonored – An amazing game trailer

This trailer is amazing. the lighting as really impressive here. you should watch it few times to see all the little details.

(Little warning: Explicit Violence here)

Tangled ever after – a new short by disney (the full short animation)

watch it here:

according to IMDB, it supposed to be in theaters as a short that comes before “Beauty and the beast 3d”

anyway, if you liked Tangled, you’ll sure enjoy this.


19.4.12 UPDATE: The link is no longer available.

Go watch it in theaters before “Beauty and the beast 3d” coming out soon.

here is a 40 sec clip released by disney:



A really incredible Teenage mutant ninja turtles concept art!

this collection of concept art is really amazing! The artist Dave Rapoza has made some wonderful series of concept art

check the rest of the gallery here:

or you can visit Dave Rapoza blog here (you should!):

He’s got some nice stuff going on there.

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