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Painted back – A new blog by Avi Katz

My good friend and mentor Avi Katz started a new blog with his recent works.

he takes old black and white photos and revive them by adding color – make them alive just like if the photos were taken today.

And he is doing superb job at it. His work is wonderful and you should definitely watch after his blog.

here are some examples from his recent work:

go check them here:

Till next time,


Arnona-race – a very cool an fun game

This game was done as a graduation project from the animation department in Bezalel academy. The project created by 2 students: Oren Rubin and Alon Simon.

It was inspired by the old quests of the 90’s – especially those from Lucasarts (monkey island, Sam and max, Day of the tentacle and etc.)

I cant express how much I love it. The designs are beautiful, the animation is excellent, it is funny (if you’re living in Israel) and to sum it up in one word: FUN.

If you like the genre – play it!

till next time,