Been a long time since I did a personal stuff…

in the past few years, since I got a job as a character animator, i didn’t actually touch any of the other aspect of the 3d world.

before that i modeled a little bit, textured even a bit less and in general, touched a little of everything.

well, after alot of time I decided to return to some modeling and started to model a stupid sketch i did during one of the dailies:

a struggled a bit (4 years without touching it – you forget some stuff) and during the modeling process i got a rough idea for a concept to a final image,

here is a Work in progress of the model and concept:

its just some hotdogs on a poll – I think thats how we should fish anyway 😛

I struggled with the nose alot, still not happy with it – but it will do for the purpose of this exercise.

after that, i posed him a bit so he will be more expressive – and this is what turned out(No textures – just a gray render):

at this point i have a final concept for it.

I’m  thinking about maybe to put some kind of a boat (from the buttom) at the top right of the picture (it will require some adjustment to the elements in space)

anyway, I textured the fish and the Sausages, lighted the scene a bit and droped a blue background just to get the fill for it:

this is the stage i am now, it’s going to be a busy week, hope I will progress with this a bit more in the next couple of days:

Hope you like it, feel free to share your thought about it.



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